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Abstracts for upcoming talks [Sep. 13th, 2012|04:01 pm]
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I've recently submitted a couple of talk proposals to upcoming conferences. Here are the abstracts.

Machine learning in (without loss of generality) Perl

London Perl Workshop, Saturday 24th November 2012. 25 minutes.

If you read a book or take a course on machine learning, you'll probably spend a lot of time learning about how to implement standard algorithms like k-nearest neighbours or Naive Bayes. That's all very interesting, but we're Perl programmers - all that stuff's on CPAN already. This talk will focus on how to use those algorithms to attack problems, how to select the best ML algorithm for your task, and how to measure and improve the performance of your machine learning system. Code samples will be in Perl, but most of what I'll say will be applicable to machine learning in any language.

Classifying Surfaces

MathsJam: The Annual Conference, 17th-18th November 2012. 5 minutes.

You may already know Euler's remarkable result that if a polyhedron has V vertices, E edges and F faces, then V - E + F = 2. This is a special case of the beautiful classification theorem for closed surfaces. I will state this classification theorem, and give a quick sketch of a proof.

[User Picture]From: ciphergoth
2012-09-13 03:12 pm (UTC)
The ML talk is tempting - especially since it means I'll actually get to meet you! Unless we've already met and I haven't made the connection?
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[User Picture]From: pozorvlak
2012-09-16 01:15 pm (UTC)
I don't think we have met, no - let's try to fix that :-)
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