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New Year's Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year!
  1. This is embarrassing, but I want to break the habit of picking my nose.
  2. Lead E1. Same rules as last year.
  3. Take 1000 practice falls. Starting with top-rope falls, and building up to lead falls, then building up to longer and longer lead falls.
  4. Take the assessment for the Mountain Leader award (I did the training in 2015).
  5. Read 26 books this year. Because 52 is too much for me without gaming the system, and I want to read longer and deeper books this year. You can follow my progress on Goodreads.
  6. Read and return all the books I've borrowed from other people. Have I borrowed a book from you that's not on that list? Please let me know about it!
  7. Get my weight down to 65kg.

How have I done on the previous year? My 2017 resolutions were:

Lead E1

Fail. I did attempt a few E1s, and I am climbing a bit harder.

Get my body fat below 10% and maintain a sub-70kg weight until the end of the year

Yes, I did do that! My low point was below 66kg, and my weight was below 70kg before NYE. I was slightly above 70kg this morning, but meh.

Donate 10% of my after-tax income to effective charities

I didn't keep good records of this, but a back-of-an-envelope calculation suggests that I just managed this! Most of that was via recurring donations to the Against Malaria Foundation and Cool Earth.

Read 52 non-children's books

Fail. I read 48 non children's books and two children's books. However, some of those were books that I'd been meaning to read for ages, like Working Effectively With Legacy Code.

Go to bed before 11pm 90% of the time

Total epic fail. But I think I have got a bit a bit better at going to bed before midnight and getting up at 7.30, though I still struggle to leave the house in a timely fashion.

2/5 - not great, but could be worse. On the other hand, I did achieve two big things that weren't on the list: I started a new job in April, which so far is going much better than the previous job, and I finished writing the report for my Kyrgyzstan expedition.

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