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Beware of the Train

Volárne číslo neexistuje

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Everything I post here is available for nicking under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. It may be inaccurate or downright silly: please read the disclaimer.

I also have a moblog.
absinthe, alan moore, alcohol, animation, anime, anthropology, aphex twin, apostrophes, artificial intelligence, autechre, b/h=(d+f)/(d+e), beer, black, blackadder, board games, boards of canada, books, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, bugs bunny, cake, categories, category theory, chopsticks, civil liberties, coffee, comics, computers, contact juggling, cooking, cowboy bebop, cpan, cuddling, curry, daria, discworld, doctor who, douglas hofstadter, dr who, duct tape, electro, electronica, ella fitzgerald, environmentalism, evolution, ferris bueller's day off, films, fine structure, firefly, food, foreign films with subtitles, four tet, frank miller, free software, free speech, gin, glasgow, go, graphic novels, grim meathook future, hacking, harry potter, haskell, hiking, hillwalking, hypothetical, iain m banks, juggling, jwz, kevin smith, killing the riaa, knives, laughter, led zeppelin, light entertainment, linux, marmite, martin grech, massages, math, mathematics, miranda richardson, moblog:uk, mobloguk, mountains, movies, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nice cup of tea, nirvana, no2id, not my desk, open source, oules, oxford, perl, physics, poi, programming, programming languages, punting, pure mathematics, python, qntm.org, ramen noodles, real ale, red dwarf, rock, rocky horror, rsi, sandman, science fiction, second-hand bookshops, serendipity, sharp objects, snow, space elevators, spicy food, spinnwebe, sushi, swords, tea, test-first programming, the bonzo dog band, the eels, the matrix, the rocky horror show, the singularity, the sky, tom stoppard, tony hancock, transmetropolitan, two shades of blue, universal algebra, unix, version control, welcoming our robot masters, whisky, william gibson, winter, women, worse is better, writing systems

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